How to notating tied half note + 8th note (without being renotated as quarter + dotted quarter)

This is a typical example where an image says more than a thousand words, so here it goes:

I’m trying extend a half note in a 4/4 bar with a 8th note on the second beat, without it being ‘renotated’ as in the second bar. I’d like to notate it as a half note tied to a 8th note without the Force Duration option.

I’m engraving an imported MusicXML file and that music is full of these constructions. I’d really be happy if I simply just looked on the wrong settings page or so.

I’ve attached the demo file for completeness.

Demo.dorico (440.5 KB)

You can click this Preferences setting before import and it will preserve all the durations as originally notated.

Looking good. I’m afraid this option is just available in the first step of the import process? I already made some quite significant changes in setup, layout and so on.

Unfortunately that is indeed the case.

Is there some Engraving (or other setting) that sets this the way as I’m instructed to engrave (so as a tied half + 8th note)?

No, not at the present time, though it has been requested before.

Alright, thanks all for thinking along. At least it’s always an option to use Force Duration.