How to nudge Video and Audio Together by 1 Frame

Hey all, I’m trying to create a logical editor preset to nudge video and audio together (so that I can move the vidoe and it’s corresponding audio track) by 1 frame, but when I implement the following, the video and audio tracks nudge at different rates. Is this a bug or a problem with my implementation?

I’m not at my DAW to verify if this can work, but…

What if in the Project Window (i.e. not in the PLE) you Selected both the Audio and Video and Grouped them (I think this is possible since you can Group almost anything, but not totally sure). That would lock their relative positions together and then you’d only need to move one in the PLE because the other would follow along.

Thanks for the suggestion…gave it a try but it still behaves the same way!

It’s fun to watch, like a race.