How to number MIDI tracks in order?

Ok, I am sure there is a way to do this but I cannot work it out.

I have added 16 MIDI tracks. I then add an instrument track and insert an instance of Kontakt 5 with 16 outputs. I the route the MIDI tracks’ output to the instrument track. I want the MIDI tracks to run in sequence from channels 1 to 16. However, I cannot find a way to select all 16 and choose/click something to do this without having to go through them one-by-one to change the MIDI channel for each MIDI track.

I want to do this so I can have a MIDI channel for 16 different instruments in one Kontakt 5 instance being output to 16 separate audio channels to keep things organised.

So yeah, essentially, is there a way to highlight a certain amount of MIDI tracks and change the MIDI channel number so they run in sequence?


Short answer, I don’t think so.
But, When you create multiple midi tracks, they each get sequential channel numbers by default. It’s odd if yours are getting all the same channel.
Better yet, start by opening the instrument track with Kontakt first. While that is highlighted, add the midi tracks right below it. That should not only give you channels 2-16, but also assign them to the Kontact instance in the instrument track.

Just do the inverse : create a instrument track then with the instrument track selected create midi track (many as you need) you will see your midi track connected to your instrument track from 1 to x midi channel.

Yeah, I have worked that out but I don’t always know what instrument I will be choosing as setting up blank templates.

Also, for someone with organisation OCD, one thing bugs me. When you create the instrument and then 16 MIDI tracks, because it auto assigns channel 1 to the instrument track, the MIDI tracks start on 2 and go through to 16, and then 1 on the end (in essence as the 16th MIDI track). If you’re not careful, quite easy to mix this up as I prefer to have dedicated MIDI channel for all 16 and not use the instrument tracks MIDI ability, only using the instrument track for the audio output lanes.

You may like the alternate way,
Start by opening an instrument in the Rack (add rack instruments)
Then just create 16 midi tracks. Activate the 16 audio track in the mixer.
Mostly a matter of preference.

If I do it that way though, i do not get the audio tracks for easy access to the automation lanes.

I believe that will be the same problem if you choose to use one instrument track + midi tracks.
Another way a lot of people choose is just to use a single instance of Kontakt for each sound. That way you get the individual audio for each track.

That’s not really an option though as I would probably have hundreds of Kontakt instances :laughing:

With regard to the idiot, you do get access to them by creating an instrument track. If you go on the track icon (the one that differentiates midi, audio, instrument) and click on the little arrow that shows up it give you a lame for each audio output that you can automate.

Has this feature been finally added - in 2019 ???

For all the reasons given above and in other threads - there a re numerous situations where one might need to re-sequence MIDI channel numbers contiguously and where simply adding tracks from scratch won’t work. For example when deleting a track in the middle or reordering existing tracks to one’s preference.

Seems to me that for people putting together large templates or editing existing ones there really needs to be better features to help speed up workflow.

or at the least - Steinberg - if an RTFM scour would reveal such features if down with a fine toothcomb - at least make a YouTube video or just simpler to find such stuff. Ableton has handy suggestions when you mouse over something - optionally in a box in left bottom corner. it helps so much.