how to open .cpr file with cubase 64-bit version? windows 7

I have Windows 7 64 bit.
When I’m browsing the files using the explorer and trying to open one of the .cpr files, it opens the cubase 32 bit version.
I tried to change the default programs in the windows settings using “Browse” to the Cubase 64 version, but it didn’t solve the issue.
The only way I found is just to open Cubase 64 bit first and use File–> Open…
But how can I change the windows definition to open cubase 64 bit version if I press one of the cpr files when browsing the wondows explorer?

Right click the Cpr file > properties > open with ,change to the 64 bit icon and save , any use ?

I don’t have a 64 bit icon
I have only one icon called cubase 7.
Even if I try to right click the file–> open with → " browser" and open the cubase under program files (which is the 64 bit version) it stills open the file in cubase 32 bit.
If I don’t try to open the cpr file and just want to launch cubase on the same location it does open the 64 bit version.
I don’t know what is wrong…

Are you right clicking and going into the properties ?

If you have got a 64 bit cubase installed you need to change the file association so right click on Cpr > PROPERTIES > open with (CHANGE) and save

The program that you’re pointing to isn’t registered correctly.
In regedit: Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications and find your .exe name.
Navigate under its name to shell>open>command. In the Default change its location to the actual location of the executable, hit okay and then try and reassociate the file type as you normally would.
Let me know if that doesn’t seem to work."

Source: Redirecting

I just went through the same exact thing…The fix above took care of it.

Aaaah, thanks Rotund, that solved my problems… I thought I was going nuts, no matter how often I did the “Open with…” procedure choosing the x64 version of Cubase, it always opened it with the x86 version.

Your solution fixed that! Thanks loads!