How to open Elements with Elements and Pro installed?

I have evaluation copies of both Dorico 3 Elements and Dorico 3 Pro. I got elements first and had a quick look, but then got a 30-day Pro license too. Now that I have registered my license for Pro, I can’t open Elements. Following an earlier thread, I’ve tried holding the alt key while launching Dorico from the start menu, and I went to dorico3.exe and held the alt key while launching that. Still, only Pro opens.
How can I open Elements with both Elements and Pro licenses installed?
System is Windows 10 on a Dell Precision T3500

Welcome to the forum, Gerry. Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements are the same executable, and Dorico will always run with the highest available license. If you bought the upgrade from Elements to Pro, then in fact you no longer have a Dorico Elements license, because you upgraded it to a Pro license. However, you should indeed still be able to force Dorico to run as Elements by holding the Alt key when Dorico starts up.

Perhaps the question is when and how long to hold the ALT key?

I do it immediately after double-clicking, and hold it until the splash screen appears.

It’s a long “hold” but it worked for me. (This was the first time I’d tried using it just to see what happened.)

Thanks for the info. Hope it helps the OP.

Many thanks, everyone. “When” and “how long” were the key for me on Windows 10. I can get into Elements now and better compare it to Pro.