How to open instruments in mix console

Hi, 2 quick questions for those more knowledgeable than me:

1: with mix console full screen, if I need to tweak a vst instrument how do I open it from within mix console?

2: I thought that I could press the E for edit button and find the vst instrument, but I can’t see it there either.

I must have it set up wrong. Any ideas please. I did rtfm but could not find the answer.



Press and hold “E” for 1 second.

and I do admit it is a right PITA this way , sometimes they open straight away and other times they don’t . Key commands your best option really :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it.

I can’t find the button to open the vst instrument in those views. Have I set it up wrong?

in new MixConsole there is no dedicated button for VSTI editor as in C6. now it shows up with Alt+ click on E or long click on E. as mention here, the best solution is to assign key command for VSTI editor. cuz in some situations it wont work right.

Thanks mozizo. I understand. I don’t understand they removed a function. Anyway, now i know.

Aloha guys,

Just to chime in on this thread.

I also wish there was a way to
completely change the VSTI right from the
‘Mix Console’.

To do that I have to go back to the
‘Project Window’.

I think terms of the button positions and the available functions that the old mixer was better in this respect.

The new mixer seems to try to squeeze every different type of channel into the same visual format, which doesn’t make it efficient for use.


It’s not a good solution, true.

Maybe someone should tell the product managers and developers that a virtual mixer can have channels with different layouts each, there is no limits like in hardware. :nerd:

can “Alt+click E” combination to show vsti GUI be removed ? (couldnt find it in key commands and preferences)
this combination breaks my workflow when i want to show all inserts in vsti channel when Alt+shift+click E(as in any other channel type). it shows the vsti Gui instead. also when i want to show more than one channel settings editor on screen by Alt+click on E, it shows the vsti Gui.(with other channel as audio ,group etc… its ok, i can set as many channel setting window on screen like that)

It would appear this is a common problem. Hopefully beloved steiny can resolve.

I opened 6.5 earlier and it looked easier yo use. I like 7 and the channel strops alone are a Great Leap Forward but not at the expense of common sense features.

Use a key command?

Open VST Instrument?

Or maybe use a key command…