how to open multiple channel settings windows ?


I’m sorry to ask this, this maybe has already been answered several times, but I looked in the manual and scrolled the forum and can’t find any answer for it: how can I have multiple edit windows opened? I’m talking about the windows opened when the “E” is clicked in the channel (“edit channel settings”).

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Not possible

:astonished: didn’t knew that.

It used to be possible in previous versions of Cubase, it’s really handy when mixing two channels and making eq adjustements. I wish steinberg allow this in the future.


Why do they keep removing features? I don’t get that.

it was never posible whatever cubase version !

It was possible and still is. Hold down Alt when clicking the E button. I just tried this moments ago from both the project window and mixer, works as expected.

Awesome! Sometimes it is good to be proven wrong. This will be a handy workflow improvement.

Thanks bozobasso!

Be sure to select the tracks (Ctrl+click) you want the channel settings for or you will only get a single window.

Definitely a useful feature.

Awesome! thank you all for your help. It works fine now, i guess I didn’t select the channel previously.

Well it seems it works with audio tracks only but not instrument tracks, alt + click opens the plugin window…I’m disappointed.

oups sorry but happy to be wrong ! :wink:

Be sure to select the tracks (Ctrl+click) you want the channel settings for or you will only get a single window

I can’t do that here, need to individually Alt-click for each additional channel settings window.

yep- one of many features im missing. vsti channel settings not applying to multiple ch-setting windows opening :cry:

just to be little positive-
a little tip for who doesn’t know.alt+shift+clicking the E letter on mixer channel opens all inserts gui on that channel. :sunglasses:

Yes let’s stay positive! :smiley: