how to open multiple plugin windows at once

You know, you have 2 or 3 guitar tracks and you want to start EQ’ing them while listening together.

Can you open the instance you have of whatever EQ plugin you’re using on each track simultaneously?

You can’t do it, you just have to open each plugin and put them side-by-side and adjust them. If you’re using the built-in EQ then you can view two Channel Editor windows by Alt-clicking the 2nd one and the first one will remain open.


Thank you

If you save your project with the preferred windows open it will save this state and open all the next time you open the same project. As far as I know this is the only way to have them opened at once without clicking separately.

Actually, I just checked out using the Workspaces and if you Add a new Workspace with the two plugins open as you like to see them, then you can always recall this workspace and there they are. You can even swap to that workspace with a shortcut key.


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that’s a great work around

much appreciated