How to open the "Drum Editor"?


I recently went from Logic to Cubase 7 Elements,due to I did not quite got the hang of it (Logic) and people recomended Cubase, so I decided to try it out and bought it.

So! I got my gear set up:

Macbook Pro
Cubase 7 Elements
PreSonus Firestudio
My guitar and my M-Audio keyrig

Recording guitar is easy to do. But I want to add som drumbeats to my sounds, and due to tutorials on YouTube, it´s done through "MIDI --> “Open Drum Editor” (Or “Key Editor”)

But that area is grayscaled, and I can´t chose it. I dont know what Im doing wrong, or have forgotten to do. I cant find the answer in the manual either. Maybe becasue Im so exited over buying a new software and are reading to fast and skip it in somehow.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks alot!

Have you created a midi part on a track and selected it? Cubase needs to have something selected in order to know what to open in the drum or midi editor.

I think so…?

Project --> Add Track --> MIDI… ?

No, that just creates an empty MIDI track. As SteveInChicago stated above you now have to create a MIDI part on the track - use the pencil tool to create an empty part and select it …

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On any MIDI part created and selected : ‘MIDI / Open drum editor’ menu option or -> ‘MIDI /Open drum editor’. You can also make a key command for it in the ‘Edit’ section. Very useful in practice…

It can also help to have a drum map assigned to the track involved. Then, in the Preferences/‘Event display > MIDI’ , tick the ‘Edit as drums when drum map is assigned’ option. After this, double clicking on the MIDI part will directly open it.

If you want easy access to the Drum Editor, set a Drum Map to your midi track.
After that, Cubase will show the drum editor instead of the standard midi editor in the channel overview and when you double-click the track.
Note that the standard GM Drum Map has all notes on MIDI channel 10, so either edit the map or set the VSTi to use channel 10.

That was the missing link not in the documentation, not shown on videos, not posted in other forums - drawing an empty part. Thank you.