How to open the same VST instrument in VST3 format with existing settings?

Hello guys! For example I have a session with opened SSD5 sampler with my settings in a simple VST formats. I need to open the same instance of SSD5 in VST3 with all my settings I’ve done in VST instance. Is there a way to do that?

For ex in Logic you can seamlessly switch between stereo out and multi-output instance of a same instrument without loss of any changes you’ve done. I dont know if Cubase can do that, if yes it would be great too, but tnow I need just transfer seamlessly my multi-output instance of SSD5 from VST to VST3 (to open session in native Silicon mode on another machine with M1 chip)

If the plugin developers did their job well, a VST3 plugin can automatically replace a VST2 plugin in a Cubase project.
More often than not though, the VST3 versions have a differently internal identifier so Cubase will recognize them as different plugins, in that case, your only option is to save the VSt2 preset with the plugin internal preset management system (not Cubases’!), load the VST3 version and then the preset file.

So, as far as I can see there is no smooth way yet?

Not sure about SSD5 but I have had some success with other VSTs.
For example between a dll version to a vst3 version
Also when updating from an older version to a new version.

I achieved this by opening the older version and save to disk from that application
Then open the new version and load from disk.

Does not work every time but worth a try. Good luck

That depends on the plugin. If you see your plugin twice in the plugin selection window, one time with the three little bars on the right (“///”, which means it’s a vst3 plugin), and one time without (vst2), it means that while it may have the same name, it has a different internal ID and for Cubase, it is a different plugin, so it cannot transparently replace it). In that case, your only option is using the plugin’s own presets and do it manually.
If you have both the vst2 and vst3 variants installed (and they show up in plugin manager), but you only see the “///” one in the plugin dialog, it means that they are compatible, and Cubase can automatically load the vst3 plugin with all settings should the vst2 plugin not be available anymore (e.g. you uninstalled it).