How to optimise midi cycle recording

Hi all, this feels like a newbie-ish question but I’m playing in a lot more MIDI these days than I used to, so bear with me. I use MIDI cycle recording, probably I’ll do 3 or 4 takes (5 if I’m playing like a muppet).

Usually, I’ll get to the end of the cycle loop, and Cubase will start the next iteration of the loop again (I’m in ‘Stacked’ midi recording mode usually). The only problem is, I don’t want to keep this last loop. I then have to manually delete it, then unmute the previous take.

Is there any better way I could be achieving this? I feel as though I must be missing something.


you can choose between different options in cycle-recording mode that will adress your problem:
Click on the MIDI-Recording-Mode button that is located in the left corner of your project window at the buttom. It looks like a MIDI plug with a dropdown menu beside it. There you will find a variety of solutions to your question.
Another tip: If you´re just jamming without being eager to get the perfect take and all of a sudden, there it is, the perfect feel, voicing and what not. Cubase has the “retrospective recording” option that is enabled by default. You find a button at the bottom of your project , too (looks a Cubase icon in reverse). Not exactly what you were looking for but worth mentioning I thought;)