How to organise Steinberg licenses as a company

  1. Can someone point me to one or more threads explaining how to license Steinberg software products (particularly Cubase and Dorico) for different employees of the same company?
    We wish to purchase licenses that are attached to our company, and not to a specific employee, so that the license remains our property when an employee should leave.

  2. What about licenses for bachelor and master students who are doing thesis work in our company? According to local rules, our company or the university should pay for these licenses.

I looked on about this topic, but apparently multi-user licensing is not yet up & running.
I searched on the Forum for terms like “license per user station”, but did not find an answer either.

Idea: create new Steinberg accounts “Employeename1”, “Employeename2”, etc., purchase the licenses on these different accounts (with invoice to the company), and renaming the account when the employee leaves the company? The emails used to register would then be addresses of our company’s domain name.
Obviously, student licences would be solely reserved for student’s work on their thesis work.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.

The Steinberg Licensing is completely user based, so every license is directly connected to a user account at Steinberg.

For different licensing schemes @dspreadbury is the best resource, as he knows what Steinberg has available for your requirements.

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At the moment, we don’t have a proper solution for organisational licenses. This is something that will come when proper multi-user licensing support is implemented in Steinberg Licensing. It is taking much longer than we had hoped to get this done, for various reasons involving staffing and competing priorities, but it is certainly something that remains a high priority for us as a business.

For the time being, I would suggest you have multiple Steinberg IDs and you manage these accounts. You could even use offline activation (where you generate the license file using another computer) if you need to avoid sharing account credentials with your employees.

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Thanks Daniel, fine for us.
And we wish you succes for the implementation of the multi-user licensing system. We do appreciate it is not an easy task.