How to organize home studio with cubase ?

That type of setup is exactly what Vienna Ensemble Pro was designed for.

FXTeleport is 32bit and not supported any more. Unfortunately Max had to bow out of the business before he could make 64bit versions of his programs.

Yes , but jbridge do the trick !

It comes down to whether you want to set up communication on a per plugin basis, or one for all the remote server.

I’m not sure how resilient or recoverable the jBridge way is if either machine goes down and brought back up.

For me it works.
All data are stored in cubase’s project so no matter if server crashes (never happened till now).
Moreover , you can replace/add or disable a server but you’ll always got an option to work with.
Jbridge works both to switch from 64 to 32 bits to use fxt in Cubase, and to adapt 64-bit plugs to the fxtserver remote utility.

Get VE PRO 6 and learn it… Its super easy and you can just leave it loaded on the second machine. It’s easier than reading this : )…


  • Sean Ryder Williams