How to organize my loops in media bay

Right now I am making loops and exporting them from cubase 6 to my desktop into a folder. Cubase’s sound/loop library called media bay is organized very well. I would like to store my self made loops into the cubase media folder so that when i call up media bays loop browser i can search for loops based on tempo, name, style, etc… any genius out there that can help?

try the manual dude… it’s VERY simple!
Most of us tend to use a separate drive for sample library these days but if you don’t then all you need to do is to look in the top left hand of the media bay browser… expand the location tree if it isn’t already by clicking on the little ‘+’ sign and you will be able to see the location of which files cubase is loading into media bay… all you have to do is to check the box next to the folder/s your samples are in and then rescan… all very simple :smiley: