How to output unprocessed montage channels?

I have 4-channel montages consisting of two stereo tracks: one M-S stereo track and the other regular stereo. I used an M-S decoder plugin to decode the first track during editing for preview purposes. The channel configuration for the montage is set to stereo, and I just have stereo speakers for monitoring.

The montage should ultimately be down-mixed to stereo for a CD, but right now I just need to export all four channels (as either 2x dual mono or 4 mono channels) without any processing (including any M-S decoding)—just plain, unprocessed tracks to send to a mastering engineer to do the “real” mastering work.

Can anyone please offer instructions for exporting just the plain, unprocessed (i.e., no track plug-ins in the montage) audio channels? (The envelope curves within the tracks should be exported, just not any plug-ins.) I’m afraid I really need specific, detailed steps, including any exact settings such as channel configuration for the montage, to make sure the files get exported correctly.

Thanks so much in advance for any help.

Looks like I found the answer from PG to a similar question I asked some time ago.

In short (if anyone else has this question… or for my future reference when I forget it later!), set it up as a 4-channel surround sound montage (or multi-mono) in File Info → Channel Configuration. Then enable the Master Section “Mix to Stereo” option for playback (if you only have a 2-channel playback system).

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