How to override the assigned instrument name for a duplicate part

In my SATB recorder score I want lyrics only in the soprano part. But when I print just the alto part, I want lyrics to appear there. To solve this, I created a duplicate alto part and added lyrics. For my SATB layout, I’ll simply uncheck the second alto part–but I’ll use the new alto part when I print “parts.”

The problem is that Dorico automatically now labels the parts “Alto 1” and “Alto 2”–which I don’t want. Instead, each should just say “Alto.” But in set up mode, when I try to edit, all I see is “Alto” – so the “1” and “2” are being added elsewhere and I can’t figure out how to override this…

Any suggestions?

I’m confused. Is this a choral SATB score or a recorder SATB score?

Try putting your SATB recorders in a Group, but not your add-on “lyricized” parts.

It’s an SATB recorder score, but it includes lyrics because it’s also a song and I use it with elementary school kids

Thanks, Derrek, that worked!! I did have my recorders in a group, but I added a new alto part as a solo player and that solved the problem.

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