How to pause/slow down the JHP animated .gifs?

They’re too fast for me (I’m too slow!).

It was posted elsewhere that none of the usual programs are able to do this (QT, WMP, one or two others).

Does anyone know how this might be done?

Thanks -

I hate animated GIFs too, for that very reason.
(also, because they loop without pause, one is never sure when it has started to repeat)

The ones JHP makes have a timer in the bottom right, so there you can see when it repeats. I agree with the sentiment though. The Gifs are usually a little low on FPS and have no transport controls.

JHP animated GIFs? What are these. Some years ago I wrote a nice little utility for Windows to view animated GIFs frame-by-frame. If I just could check if my application is compatible with these I could send you a copy.

Here’s one - fingers crossed, and thank you!

I’m sorry, but my app has problems with colormaps of these GIFs. Tried to debug the problem, but couldn’t find any obvious reason. I’m afraid I’m not going to spend dozens of hours going through 800 lines of GIF-decoding code I wrote 15 years ago. :frowning:

How about this one?

(sorry - couldn’t resist) :laughing:

What about using Quicktime Pro?

Going to bump this to see if anyone here has QT Pro and can try.

BTW, what am i doing wrong, I don’t seem to be able to download, just to play. I’ve tried right-clicking, etc.

Thanks -

Bump here - can someone help me to “download” these animated .gifs please?

I’ve tried various methods (mainly right clicking) on various computers, but can’t find an option to download. Missing the obvious … :blush:

I haven’t downloaded (and paid for) QT Pro to try, but if someone says it works there, I’ll probably do so.

Thanks -

On Mac, it is done by clicking while holding down the Alt key.

Thats strange it works with QT player here.

You should be able to play the gifs with the free quick time player. You can pause and play with space. If you hold down space it’s slow motion. :slight_smile:

For windows:

  • Download animated gif
  • Right click on the gif
  • Choose “Open with”
  • Choose “Quicktime Player”

That should work.

Edit: I’ll move this one to the lounge because it’s just very far related to C6. :wink:

C6 Rocks! :slight_smile:

Thanks, vic_france and JHP.

The “Alt” click worked great, it’s saved now!

Actually, a right click saved it in the right format … the “Alt” click-saved format wouldn’t open in QT.

Works great! Not sure what I was doing wrong before - thanks again vic_france and JHP.

[Edited for right click bit]