How to... + Performing live

Hi dear community !

Surely a noob question, but I searched and… nothing helped me.

My question is simple : how could I stop the sample’s playing after I press the corresponding pad ? I explain : I’m trying to put all my music backin’ track on Groove Agent 5 for performing live. It means that, for some of my sample, it’s a entire verse or chord… At the moment, when I press a pad with my entire verse, I have to wait it ends…

I deal with the sample, not the host, so the transport bar tools doesn’t help me, unfortunately.

I try to use the Exclusive fonction, but sometimes I need two samples playing together.

There’s something I don’t understand…

And now I’m here, I have to ask : is someone here using Groove Agent for performing live, by using pattern’s fonction for backing track ?

Today I’m trying to use the arranger track but… maybe another way could be greater ?

Have a great day !

Given that you have a MIDI contrroller you can define a “Reset Controller” on the Options page. This will immediately stop all currently played pattern and should fit you needs.
best regards

Thanks for your reply !

You mean the Options page of the controller, or GA5’s options ?

Will check it awaiting your precision.