How to pin a channel strip in the mix window?

Is there a way to pin a channel strip in the mix window so that when you’re scrolling horizontally through the channel strips, the pinned channel strip stays in view all the time?


Do you mean, one of the Channel Strip module? Or do you mean the whole Channel Strip section?

To make an overview, open the Channel Settings window (“e” button).

You can sort of pin tracks in the mixer by using the “Zones” function, which is next to the Visibility tab on the left hand side.

Thanks guys for your replies. Although the “zones” function doesn’t actually pin a channel strip, it actually does almost exactly what I wanted to do. I’m very happy with this!

I’m trying to do the same thing. The panel used to stay on top on screen but now it disappears when I click on something. There has to be a way to pin it so I can work with it without clicking the damn “e” button.


Do you mean the Channel Settings window? If yes, right-click to the header and enable Always on Top.