How to "pipe in" audio to WaveLab from other MAC OSX apps?

I would like to be able to view signals from other MAC OSX audio applications in WaveLab’s oscilloscope. One example would be editing presets in a synthesizer/sampler such as Mach5 - sometimes it’s useful to see the waveform, not just listen to it.

On my system, all signals come into WaveLab via CoreAudio designated as FW 1 thru 18, and all signals are output from playback or monitoring to CoreAudio designated as DAW 1 thru 18, and almost always I’m only looking at 2 channels. I should think what I want could be done by simply getting WL into “record” mode with input monitoring on (and preferably without actually recording anything to disk). But I haven’t been able to get this scheme to work consistently.

Has anybody out there done something like this? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Or, maybe someone can suggest a simple “oscilloscope” app that will do ? I don’t really need all the firepower of WL to do this simple task. And no, I do not want to acquire a used Hewlett-Packard analog scope… :wink:

thaks – John D


Look for Soundflower or Jack for OS X
it should be possible to connect with this
and to use like an virtual mixer one app to the next

regards S-EH

I do not know if I understood well the question but when I want to “pipe in” an audio stream coming from any Mac application (often Safari), I use “Audio Hijack Pro” which writes on the HD the audio file with any output format you want, according to the setting. I usually prefer the wave format to give me the best flexibility.