how to pitchbend Retrolouge, Nexus?

hi there all.

i have cubase 6, and i’ve been trying to find how to pitchbend Retrolouge and Nexus, but it’s for some other vsts.
for example, in sylenth1 i can automate the pitch like i want but somehow a few plugins i can’t, it’s just not showing up to select in the plugin Parameters.

well the problem is, i know i can open the KeyEditor and just go to Pitchbend and draw the bend, but i want it to be able to draw the automation like i do on the volume.
here is a picture that can explain

i hope everyone will i understand

You should click an extra automation lane and select the desired parameter, in this case the Pitch. In your picture you see a box named Volume. In the extra automation lane, that is the box you should click on to select the Pitch parameter.

Another possibility is to run the track and press on the write button. Toggle your pitchbendwheel and stop the recording. You should be able to see the pitch automation track now and you are able to modify the automation.

In the extra automation lane is no “pitch automation” for Nexus