how to place fermatas/pauses on different beats

This keeps me busy at the moment:

Is this possible? Can I fill a bar with rest with forced durations?
Thank you for help

[Edit] I have figured it out, I have to use Lock Duration plus the Rest button, this is my result:

fermata - pause.png

Dear K_B,

I did not understand your solution. Actually, in you first example, if you insert the fermata on the latest musical object (here, the 1/8 rest) Dorico will automatically insert the fermata at the right spot, i.e. at the start of any musical object that is “active” when the fermata is input. No lock duration involved — lock duration is a tool very useful to reproduce the rhythm of a line but change the pitches… Feel free to explain me what I did not understand here :wink:

Marc, I think the initial problem was that there was no 1/8 rest in the first place :wink:

Yes Marc, the initial problem I had to solve was filling an empty bar with the desired rests 1/4+1/4+1/8+1/8
I just need to practice (and trust) the (Lock) Force Duration feature more. The philosophy of everything getting corrected under ones hand one needs to get used to :slight_smile:

[edit, corrected to: Force Duration]

I think you’re talking about force duration (o), not lock duration (l), right?

oh yes, this happens away from computer, posting with smartphone, sorry…
I’ll edit.

Related to this and discussed a while ago…

Can I bump the request for Dorico to be able to put all the pauses at the same rhythmic spot, creating ties if needed.

Of course, if you are only worried about playback…


“Of course, if you are only worried about playback…”
Don’t know if this was in reply to me?
What I’ve requested is increasingly conventional, and indispensable for sessions.

I just wanted to see what Dorico would do with the situation, whether it would add rests or not, and thought others might find it useful if playback was their primary concern.