How to play a drum like any other instrument?

Noob Question: Drums have musical pitch and some drums, e.g., toms, have quite distinct pitches. One thing that was easy to do in FL Studio was add a drum to the Piano Roll and then play it at any pitch you liked. The original drum sample would have an inherent pitch - say, C3 - so if you played it on C3 you would hear it at its original pitch. But if you played it on C4 you would hear it an octave higher, and if you played it on G# you would hear it on G#, etc. Basically you could treat a drum like any other instrument.

How do I do that in Cubase? If I want to play “Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do” on a tom that I find in Groove Agent is there any way to do that in just the Key Editor like any other instrument without having to manually create seven different tunings of the drum or creating some sort of automation track?

Thanks in advance.

Take a look at sampler track

Take a look at sampler track

That’s fine if you already have a collection of drum samples that you like. But Groove Agent already has an impressive collection of drums. How do I play those drums like an ordinary instrument? Is there a way to either map those to the Sampler Track or export them as samples? That sort of thing is easy to do in other DAWs.