How to play an instrument while track is on mute?

Seems trivial but cant seem to be able to do this.
I would like to play (and hear) a VST instrument via MIDI while the Instrument channel is on mute.
Is there a way to do this?
I can do it with a MIDI track but not with an instrument track.


On an Instrument track, it depends, if you Mute it in the Project window (the track) or in the MixConsole). In the Project window, you Mute the source MIDI track, in fact. In the MixConsole, you Mute the Audio Return Channel.

So I could imagine, this would work when you Mute it in the Project window.

The mute in the project window will also mute the live play as far as I can see…unless I’m missing a preference or something…
However you can trick it into playing by adding another midi track assigned to that instrument (I think if the instrument track is highlighted this happens automatically) - No need to record arm or monitor the midi track and it doesn’t have to be slected…just by being there it somehow activates input on the other track despite the mute.

I normally just mute the midi part on the track, so that I can play over the section I’m working on if they overlap