How to play selected clips?

Hi all.
I wonder how I can play only selected clips on different channels temporarely, only once I hit shortcut, ignoring mute and solo setup on these channels. In Samplitude there is magic shortcut Ctrl+Space for that. It appears to be very useful function and always saved me not only much time giving me exellent workflow but health and nerves as well) I have Nuendo 8.2.10. Thanks for any help!

As far as i know no way to do that in Nuendo.

Thanks for reply!

well you can use the “play” tool. it will play from your clic position only the track you clic above… guess not what you’r looking for.

Yeah, the “play” tool plays only one track without video playing but I need several events on different tracks to be played WITH video. Looking workaround with macros and project logical editor. They are just great, I’ve found already some of my workflow needs with its help) Thanks for reply!

I’m not in front of Nuendo right now, but I know there is a ‘play selected events’ function. I don’t think it will literally play only what is selected, instead it will play over the range of the selected events.

What you could maybe do is just create a macro that also engages solo before triggering that play function, and also then have Nuendo set to automatically select the tracks the selected events are on. Then of course once playback stops you’ll have to manually clear solo again.

Thanks MattiasNYC! I thought just the way you do!) Finally I’ve solved this task (with your help). My decision is not so elegant but fully workable.
I’ve made two macros

  1. =Play selected events
    Preferences - Editing- Track Selection Follows Event Selection
    Nudge - Left
    Nudge - Right( these two are for refresh events, so new option for select tracks could noticed the selected events)
    Edit- Solo
    Transport - Play Selection Range
    Preferences - Editing- Track Selection Follows Event Selection (immediate turn off the status “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” while playing cause I don’t need it)

  2. =Stop playing selected events
    Transport - Stop
    Edit - Deactivate All Solo States

I made shortcuts for them. “Num Enter” for play and “Num 0” for stop cause I always use Space for play-stop.
Though there’re some conditions for it.

  1. “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” in preferences should always be unchecked. Also no Solo state on any track.
  2. These two macros work only in pair, so if you press “Num-Enter”, “Num 0” should be pressed necessarily otherwise solo states won’t be turned off.
  3. One or more events should be selected before start Playing macro otherwise status “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” in preferences reverses.
  4. If there’re other unselected events on tracks with selected events inside time range of last ones then these unselected events will be played also.
    But it’s all a matter of habit.
    I did a request to support as well, but judging by the speed of processing requests (without insult) I will use my macros and finally get sweet workflow)

P.S. Instead of “Transport - Play Selection Range” there may be “Transport - Play until Selection End” if you want to play from cursor, not from begin of selected events.
Thanks everyone for help!

And another one thing. Didn’t solve playing muted and unmuted selected events yet. It would be very useful to make play selected events if they are muted or not. No problem just to play it by unmuting all, but returning their mute or unmute states back as they had before playing is the problem.