How to play swing?

is this possible to play 8th swing? to play 16th swing?

I think in the current version you’ll need to notate the swing explicitly with dotted notes etc. I’m hoping standard jazz swing notation will come soon!


Neil is quite right: Dorico does not yet have any features to simulate swing or other rhythmic feels, but we do plan to support this in future. It’s not going to be in the first couple of updates, however, I suspect, as we have other higher priority playback issues to attend to first.

Is swing possible as of June 2017?



I just bought Dorico today and never realized Swing isn’t supported. Is there an (even rough) estimate for when this will be supported?

Thanks for a fantastic piece of software. Moved from Finale and not looking back.


I want this too.

Would be a great feature

I’m sorry to say I cannot be specific about when Dorico will support swing playback, but I hope it will be relatively soon. I’m afraid it won’t be in the next update, though.