How to play the chord by clicking

Dear everyone

I know that scrubbing playback using mouse dragging is not possible in Dorico Pro
(I want this function in Dorico, because when I used this scubbing playback function in Cakewalk 9.0 long time ago, this function was very helpful to hear what I am composing)

However, I want to play and listen to the chord by clicking some location using mouse
or using keyboard pressing (not master keyboard, but computer keyboard).

For example, if I click the 2nd beat of the 1st bar, I want to listen to the whole chord at that time location including both notes in treble and in bass at the same time

Can I do this in Dorico Pro?

Please help me with this issue
Thank you and have a great week


We can click the stem of a chord to select (and hear) all notes in the chord.

There is also a checkbox in Preferences > Note Input and Editing > Audioning > Play all notes in chord when any is selected, if you prefer.

But neither of these will play notes from more than one staff at a time. There isn’t a way to do this in Dorico just by clicking at present. The best we can do is select a start point in both staves and press P.

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Well, yes, somewhat. If you hold down Ctrl and click to select the other instruments at that rhythmic location on other staves, you’ll hear everything at once. But they have to be at the same rhythmic position.


Oh, that’s right! So with either of the two things I mentioned, that would work in 2 steps.

Dear Mark
Thank you for your detailed explanation

So it is not that easy in Dorico to do that, though it has similar function

I hope that Dorico can offer such function in the future edition
including scrubbing playback

Have a nice day and see you again, Mark
Thank you

Dear Dan
Thank you for your help

As I mentioned above,
in near future I hope Dorico can support scrubbing playback function using mouse
which is important to users

Have a nice day and see you again, Dan
Thank you