How to play through my speakers

Hello I have a small studio in my house and I’m trying to get it to play through my speakers. My friend comes over to record and while he’s recording I have to switch the input to my speakers and check if the take is good etc. I want it so while he’s recording I can also hear it through my speakers and he can record just fine too.

It would be useful to mention what audio interface you have and if you are trying to record and play back through the same interface? We don’t know what your speakers are or what interface is feeding them. There could be a multitude of reasons. Obviously it can be done with all audio interfaces. Do you have one?

Yes I am using the volt 276

That’s awesome as it has only two outputs. So you connect one if its outputs to your left speaker and the other one to the right speaker. If your speakers are passive you’d need to insert an amplifier in between but I am sure you know that already.

So you can press the monitor button while recording but the results will depend on how much latency you have. Does this interface allow direct monitoring? If it does enable in the studio settings. If not does it at least have a button on it to allow direct monitoring?

Read the manual. The section on direct monitor button.

The only thing with that is I don’t think I can I’m not using the best speakers right now I’m using pioneer dj speakers and they won’t plug into my interface

Are they not powered? If they are, it should work.
Perhaps you could divulge what model you have or what connections they offer on the back?

Does any of your speaker require a power connection? If so, they are active and then just need to get the proper cable to connect them.
If not, get an amplifier in between.
I don’t really know what other advise to give you. If you don’t have the proper cables it is time to put some money on the counter and buy them.

So I suspect your speakers are usb speakers and are therefore a different interface to what you are recording through. That is not a good idea. Cubase does not support multiple audio interfaces (which if the dj speakers are usb then they are an audio interface) you could try asio4all which can aggregate them but it’s not a great solution.

What I suggest though is you give full information instead little bits at a time. It saves us looking things up nd giving you an answer for you then to add you are not using the audio interface for output.