How to populate all 88 slots of Groove Agent with 1 import (+ keyboard order)

Hello, currently I can only populate 4 pads at a time when I import multiple samples, if I import 88 samples or more, can it auto populate all available slots of a kit ?


it’s weird, the pads do not follow a sequencial order
I want to follow the order of the keyboard notes not the pads

up, anyone?

Sorry, but I can’t see your/any problem here. C2 is your first chosen pad, the arrangement of the pads in Groove Agent is like on most pad based hard and software out there from down/left to top/right, evenly distributed over 8 pad groups in an ascending order just like on a keyboard.
Pad group 3 contains only 4 samples because you started on C2 and the rest of your imported samples ended up in the superjacent pad groups 4 to 7.