How to port vst2 plug to vst3

i’m not sure but i think i saw somewhere
that if there is a header file from the vst3 sdk,
that can be inserted in a source which meant to work with vst2
and the source will continue to work with no additional required changes.
if there is no such a file,
what the easy way to change my source to work with vst3 ?
can some one help with this ?
thanks in advanced

i fount it
it’s explained in the sdk under vst3sdk\public.sdk\source\vst\vst2wrapper\docvst2.h
it’s quite easy, i removed all my vst2 includes
and replaced them with only two files, one is header the other is implementation.
i found some confusion though
in the doc it says that the wrapper is good for the editor too.

but it doesn’t, (maybe be this is true if you also use vstgui, which i didn’t).
i had to manually add another include to aeffeditor.h

i had of course to update the vst paths, in my custom batch build file.

Have a look to Guideline for replacing a VST2 Plug-in by a VST3 Plug-in - VST 3 Developer Portal ( and Compatibility with VST 2.x or VST 1 - VST 3 Developer Portal ( too.