how to post in halion 4 & HS forum ? *SOLVED*

how can I post in halion 4 & HS forums please anybody ?
I can post here & in the instrument soundset forum but not the H4 & HS forums?
please advise


Do you have Halion 4 & HS ?

If not, then that’s why.

yes I have HS & H4 but cant post into H4 & HS forum… anybody please …
mods ? i just dnt understand the procedure …

Try logging into your My Steinberg account. Once there, go to the “forum” page under the support section. Then click “Enter Forum”.

I had to go through this procedure in order for the forum to acknowledge that I could post in the VST Instruments section after purchasing Halion Sonic.

thanks man that done the job … :wink: