How to "powerfully" select without using marquee?


As a strong and early believer in Dorico (;-)), I am pretty sure I’ll love it in a few days/weeks… But for now, I must confess it gives me hard time to wrap my head around its way of doing some “simple” things. (I’ve been typesetting a “simple” Mozart piano sonata this morning to learn Dorico… it hurts!!!)

For instance, coming from Sibelius, I lack (or didn’t find) a simple way to select a group of note without using the marquee (the mouse drives me crazy!!! :smiling_imp: ).
Is there a way to simply select a group of continuous notes by selecting the first one of the group, then the last one using a modifier? (I tried several combinations with no luck).

I also miss the ability to select all the notes of a bar by simply clicking in a blank space of this bar with a modifier (like in Sibelius).

Dorico is obviously a very powerful software… the only thing really missing at this time for starting to dive in is a complete manual :slight_smile:

Going back to Mozart…

i have the same request, and also how slect a stave in the whole score?

Same problem here :frowning:




You can use Shift+left/right arrow to extend the selection of notes in Write mode, but you might from time to time discover that the selection gets stuck (e.g. at glissando lines, or other notations inside the staff). Improving the selection tools in Dorico is a high priority for the first post-release update.

Thanks Daniel :slight_smile: