How to pre-set notelength before input with mouse?

Cubase 11 AI LE

How do I adjust notelength BEFORE I input it with wthe mouse?

My current state: only and always inserts 4/4 notes. And I have to adjust each and every note with the mouse.

Procedure with a pipi-simple-app like musescore: adjust a notelength, click click click … 5 minutes, 10 pages filled. Cubase: 1 hour and I am still in measure 1. Unbelievable.

Is there a more simple question on earth? Why is this mentioned nowhere?

And by the way: the unaccessibility of Cubase for side-beginners is unreached.

  • how to open Editor? First marking an area. Then click on it. Why? Can’t I start an input without marking something? Yes, I can. Not in Cubase.
  • Routing is not explained fundamentally and widely. That’s the reason why I don’t understand nothing about this.
  • Example: creating MIDI track … no sound in editor. Moving bar, no moving bar. Deleting a track is a mystery. Adding a synth-track … the same. Deleting a track … most comm way: press “delete” … no.
    So, restart … new problem: not saved projects remain on harddisc until the last days of the world. And thereby are blocking the name.
    Adding this synth-track … sound. What happened in between? Mystery.

Routing is the uppermost topic in DAWs. Why is it not explained propperly. Routing my machine … sounds to a track … tracks to tracks … track to effect to track to midi to synth to… and whatever crazy stuff those people outside are doing? Where did they get the information about a controled and reasonable system of “routing in general”?


By default the lengths is linked with the Grid. But you can right-click to the Toolbar, show the Length and then you can setup the desired Length.

Okay, I found out, what you meant with “linked with the Grid”. One has to switch to “quantize” in the second drop-down menue and quantize has to be adjusted accordingly.

After a while I found out, what item in the Tollbar it is. In English it could be named as “Length-Quantization”. Not intuitive, because I am used to “quantize” as a different thing; something “correctional”.

At least this is how I like it. Thank you.