How To Prevent Delay FX Continuing on Song Stop - Still an issue

It’s maddeningly frustrating to have delay tails continuing for a good 1-2 minutes after song is stopped. This appears to be common on all delay VST plugins I’ve experimented with. This is also a problem that just randomly started happening as I can pull up 9 other older projects and they do not have the problem with those same VST plugins.

It’s almost impossible to continue working this way without some kind of auto-kill for all plugins when the song is stopped or to go into the mastered file manually and edit/mute the tails at the end of the song.

There have been other users with this problem, but I’ve yet to find a viable answer. There is a subject from 2016 on this problem, apparently I can’t post link to it, but it’s titled

" How to Prevent Delay FX Continuing to Sound on Song Stop"

I’m pretty sure pressing stop a second time will null all audio?

I’ll have to double check this though.

This is exactly what I expect from a delay unit with high feedback values…
And this is the reason why we have a fader automation (actually Cubase can automate more than faders) introduced to mixing desks in the mid seventies.
Automation systems where invented to be able to make some changes to the level of signals without using the faders by hand so you can automate your FX return as you like the signal appear in the mix.

No, why should it do that?
It resets the playhead to the left locator position (not true on C11/N11 until the bug is fixed in the next release)

Ah my mistake, I may be thinking of another DAW then. Apologies.

All of these extra steps should not be necessary to do, as a few seconds of delay carry on is normal. 60+ seconds is not, especially when this is something that was previously working.

I opened a ticket with Steinberg support and although we didn’t find an answer to the problem, we did find a workaround. The workaround was to create a brand new fresh empty project and then I manually imported my existing tracks in and re-applied my plugins. Voila, it’s functioning as expected now. It was a few minutes of extra time to redo everything, but it was worth it to get rid of the problem.

If you set the feedback to 100% it will decay forever…
This issue is a setting that is just an ordinary part of many delay effects set to a wrong value that introduces your problem.
Lower the “Feedback” or automate your return.

This is nothing that Steinberg could “fix”

Be that as it may, that wasn’t my problem…