How to Preview Notes on Midi Tracks

I’m looking for a way to hear the notes I click on and move in a midi track. On an instrument track this preview happens already, but when I route a midi track to that instrument I can only hear the midi on playback, not when I add a note or move it. Is there a way to enable this note preview function on midi tracks too?

Turn Acoustic Feedback On Here:
Acostic Feedback.png

Oh thanks very much, this helped me figure out the problem. Acoustic feedback was on, but I was routing to the instrument via midi sends (and using the output routing to route to a plugin), but acoustic feedback only applies to the output routing. So I simply switched the plugin to a send and used the output routing for the instrument. Cheers

Wow, I learned something from you too with that troubleshooting, thanks! :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate that the midi sends won’t allow acoustic feedback. I’m trying to do something similar, using a single midi track to control stacks of drums layered in multiple instrument tracks. When I click in drum notes on the midi track using the mouse, I can’t hear the acoustic feedback from the instrument tracks. Anyone know of a workaround? In Pro tools I would just select multiple midi outputs simultaneousl, but it seems like this is not possible in cubase? Are there any third party VST’s that can send midi out?

Wait, this might work!? “Audition through MIDI Inserts/Sends”.