How to print/organize key commands & macros

I’d like to really maximize my use of key commands and macros. Is there a way to print out the N5 key commands to something like an Excel spreadsheet, where I can print out and have handy while using Nuendo?

Found this old topic and 1/4 of the way down someone has posted a spreadsheet that is useful:

There may be a way to run some sort of command on the XML file but I’m not a programmer like that.

What I would suggest is manually create a spread sheet.

The act of creating it will commit most things to memory, and you won’t reference it for very long.

This might help

Try this

It has been a while since I used it (maybe Nuendo 3?) however it worked fine then and it still might work fine now.

Thanks for the posts. I think the Kid is right in that I’ll only need it for a short while.