How to process audio file and trigger to Cubase?

Im trying to use the denoiser from wavelab in some audio events in a cubase sessions.
I can send from cubase to wavelab using the edit in wavelab , i process the audio file using the master section (effects section) but when i then use the trigger cubase button the processs done in master section is not present on the new created file in cubase, should i use another method to process the audio file instead of the master section ?
The plugins are grayd out in the audio file, only available in audio montage in the clip,track,output and master section.


To apply plug-ins from Wavelab to your audio file, you should Render the file and select the “In Place” option, then click the Trigger Cubase/Nuendo Update button.

Hi @Romantique_Tp , thanks for your reply.
Im not in the studio now, i´ll try it tomorrow.
Im doing ok using the plugins in the master section then ?
I´ll try to find the “in place” option.

I tried it on the laptop, works as you said. thanks you very much.