How to process just parts of the Audiofile

Hello Guys,

I want to restaurate an large Audiofile. (Round about 2 Hours) it is an Radioshow with Music, Moderation and Interviewscenes.

Now I want to denoise just the Interview parts with an Plugin. Not the entire file. How can I do this?

Please tell me step by step.

Generally for the future, it would be nice to know how you can work at your wav.- File partially.

Thanks for your help.



I think the best way to approach this is to use the audio montage, also because it leaves the original file untouched.

  1. Start a new audio montage in the sample rate of your file
  2. Open the audio file (now one large clip), and create a second track below it
  3. With the mouse in the upper part of the wave, it turns into a scissor symbol. Use this to cut the file in interview and non-interview sections
  4. Use Shift+drag to drag the interview sections (now montage clips) to the second montage track
  5. Insert your denoiser plugin as a track effect in the ‘interview’ track
  6. Work further on whatevere else you need done
  7. Render to create a new edited and denoised file

Thank you.

That’ll help me a lot. I’ll do it like this.

But just for intererest, isn’t there a way to use different plugins on the same file, but different sections? I remember there is a way, but unfortunately I don’t remeber how.

Thank you and Greetings.


Sure, in the above example, I merely suggested ‘track effect’ to easily have the same denoiser on all interview sections. But still you can apply any effect on individual clips as well. And to be complete, there’s also the master output effects that cover all audio of the montage before it goes into the master section.

And then there are also ways to apply effects on a section of audio in the audio file editor, but let’s not go there now…