How to produce different headings left and right?

See attached basic (renamed) dorico file.

If I call the master page editor for eg. the standard page for scores, doubleclick into the green left heading,
and eg. add something after the {@flowTitle@} and leave then the editing, the change is immediately reflected in the right header,
without me pressing the L->R button.

This way, I get identical headings in any case. How can I get a different headings for the right and left page?

(No difference if I create my own masterpage set.) (562 KB)

The frames are linked for convenience. You need to delete the frame on either the left or the right variant of the master page (it doesn’t matter which) and create a new frame in its place.

Yes that helped, thanks for the tipp.
I thougt the L->R and R->L buttons were fore convenience …
In the early howto-videos they showd us to use the buttons to get identical contents…
Thats why I did not expect this kind of linking, which seems to be up to now undocomented?
Is it possible to create such linked frames? May be linked frames should be marked with another color?

If you create a frame and then use the L>R or R>L button, the frame (along with all other frames on the page) will be copied and linked.

This is documented here:

To be fair, the note on that page is about master pages “based on” other master pages - as you might not immediately notice that your edits to one master page have affected another one. I’ve added a sentence further down about how copying pages l-r/r-l also produces a link, including to the contents of frames (which is probably the less obvious one, as you can resize text frames on one side independently of the other, even after copying across). That will appear when I next publish an update to the docs (soon!)

Of course, but it’s that I did not use those buttons but used simply the defaults which do not give any indication of the linkings that may or may not exist on a master page. Linked Frames could eg. show a different color or line pattern in their border, at least.

And may be it could be usefull to find an “unlink” button, enabled whan “linked” textframes are selected.

That would be easyer and quicker then:

  • delete one of the two frames
  • create a new frame
  • fiddeling around with the mouse to set the correct height (arrrg!)
  • build the contens from scratch

Sure. While the functionality works as it does, don’t use the mouse to get the size of frames correct. Use the properties panel, in which you can type numbers that are as precise as you like.