How to program hi-hats like this?..

check it… @ 1:05 he goes in on the hi hats… How does he have one pad with the hi hat, where he can play it freely, and another pad set to roll @ 64ths…

Im just startin out with cubase and wonderin if its a trade of Groove Agent One or what not…

Good lookin out

Thanks for sharing this vid, it kinda popped some ideas in my head.

Perhaps he has one HH free to play by hand on one pad (on its own channel), and on another pad (on its own channel) he has the same HH tied sample to an arpeggiator. There’s no reason you couldnt do this on GOA :sunglasses:

Just my guess, I’m gonna give it a shot…

Bro bro, if u figure it out, youll be my hero. Please let me know if u can do this asap. thanks

Bro bros… check out this vid… i think this is what crunknation is talkin about… if u can assign apache arpeggiator to a channel with the hihat… would be awesome… can u guys confirm?

check this out too,how to bounce midi data to track…

Ha! Funny I watched both of these videos and it wasn’t until I saw the clip you had posted that gave me that idea to separate the sample shots and put a arp with different settings on each one. I think the first video is the ticket, although I have’nt tried it yet.

Let me know how it goes if you beat me to it :sunglasses:

Hell, It might even be worth creating a template with the arps attached to each pad with the setting already programmed. That way all you would have to do is select the sound that you want to use and drop it on the appropriate pad :wink: Things are looking up, ha ha! :sunglasses:

Im not at the lab right now,so you are going to beat me to it. When you do,can you give me description on how you did it, i’m just starting out with cubase, and if this works as planned makes my investment much more valuable,i know its a little thing, but to me it is essential when creating hip/hop. Thanks guys.

anybody else feel like chiming in to help a bro out?

Dang! ok it doest appear that you can use an arp on one pad without affecting the other pads in GAO, unfortunately. :-/

The guy in the vid doesnt say or show which sample player he’s using, but I’m stickin with my hunch.

It’s unfortunate that you can’t see what his left hand is doing whenever he’s rolling the 64ths. He’s not doing anything at all with his right hand, so he’s not doing any stuttering tricks.

My own guess would be that it’s a function of the pads, not any Cubase plugins.

For example, I’ve got the Korg padKontrol, which has a roll and flam function. You just touch the roll control while hitting a pad to do to this. The position of your finger on the roll control determines how fast it goes. It’s also possible his pads have a hold-to-roll function, where all he has to do is hold the pad down, or maybe hold a certain corner of the pad.

You can’t assign a midi out channel, and put an arp on a pad/channel? I mean you can assign reverb/compression on an individual pad without affecting the others, but not the arp? Weird… I know in ableton you can this… I seen my boy do this, I think ableton is going to be my 2nd daw to cubase…

Any other information regarding this would be appreciated.

It’s amazing what google can do… lol… but I came across this post in a forum…
Check out JHP’s post at the bottom… I’m not sure if it will trigger note repeat for one pad only…
Let a bro know…

I wonder if you can use a free midi arp plugin, like the one here…… and set the midi in/out accordingly on a single pad in GA1 to note repeat…if u try it before me, let me know if it works…

For real, steiny should adapt this in 7

I dont think GOA is multitimbral, so it may not be possible to send one effect to one pad only.

Some possible solutions:

  1. Get a sample player that’s multitimbral, and assign the arp.
  2. check and see if your midi controller has an arp function, that you can assign.
  3. Get a simple vst sample player (Element, Sam!, etc.), attach an arp to it and use it along side your drum vst.
    *4. Help me find that sample/tempo calculator i misplaced. That thing was sooo helpful, LOL!

I’ll keep you posted on other Ideas…

GOA is multitimbral.
Put it in the VST rack (f11) and enable as many outputs as you need.

We are speaking of multitimbral in the sense of each (any) pad being controlled by separate and different midi channels. Not assigning outputs, unfortunately.