How to Programing to favor flats over sharp for note input?


When inputting notes, Is there a way you can program Dorico so that it favors using flats over Sharps ect so to avoid having to apply a enharmonic equivalent on every note so to avoid double handling these events and therefore increasing work flow efficency?

I suspect there may be in an engraving mode but have not located this yet…Does anyone have an answer?

Also, does anyone know when the next update will be released?

Thank you very much!

If memory serves me, there are currently no settings for this, but the 1.1 update has been announced to arrive ‘before the end of june’, so who knows…

What I’ve done a few times is to change the key signature temporarily to e.g. Gb when I want mostly flats, input the notes and then later go back and change the KS back to atonal. The flats remain…

I believe I recall some discussion about which algorithm to implement — Daniel even briefly mentioned it would be worked upon in Dorico’s very first presentation, as he exemplified note input. Am I wrong? I wonder why this was delayed.

If memory serves 1.1 is supposed to have an updated algorithm. I don’t know if that will include manual controls or not, but it is supposed to be smarter.

I wrote about this back in February in the most recent dev diary update on the Making Notes blog. Not much longer to wait now…