How to propagate the position of "tempo marking" and "system text" (shift + alt + x)

Dear advanced users and developers,

I would like to insert a section name above a tempo marking as follows:

Firstly, I tried to insert both of “Introduktion” and “Andantino” by using Tempo popover. I could insert “Andantino” after by invoking the popover 16th note after the first Tempo marking “Introduktion”. However, I must align the positions.

Secondly, I tried to insert the section name “Introduktion” by using system text (shift + alt + x) and “Andantino” by using Tempo popover. Now, the problem is that “Introduktion” stands under the “Andantino”. I made a new paragraph style, but I could not find a proper setting to place the “Section Name” over the “Tempo marking” generally. So, I must align the positions again.

Now, I have the next problem. The positions of both “tempo marking” and “system text” are not propagated. That means I must move the position again and again. When working an orchestral piece, I must do it about 30 times.

Is there a simpler and cleverer way to do it generally?

My provisional solution is as follows:

  1. Defining a new paragraph style “Section Name and Tempo Marking”
  • Indentation: 10.0 pt

  • First-line Indentation: -10.0 pt

  • Font: Academico, 11.0pt, bold
  1. Inserting the following text in two lines by using system text popover (shift + alt + x):


  1. Inserting “Andantino” by using Tempo popover and hide it.

    I do not know if it is a good solution…
    It would be much better if Tempo popover allows multiple-line text.

We intend to provide a dedicated feature for section headings in a future version of Dorico. You cannot propagate properties for system-attached items between layouts at present.