How to properly bounce/render/flatten/mixdown a Phase-Coherent AudioWarp edited multitrack?

Hi all,
I started playing with phase coherent audiowarp and am pretty impressed on what it can do in realtime for example on multitrack recorded drums.

BUT, I’ve been trying to bounce/render/mixdown/flatten the result and every way I’ve tried ends up in huge phase problems that I do not hear in realtime.

I’m probably missing out on something, I’ve been through the manual again reading all entries for “phase-coherent audiowarping”, “group editing”, “flatten”, and so on and didn’t find an answer.

Can someone shed some light on this for me please ?

Because in the end, even if I dont bounce/render/flatten my edit until mix is finished, how is the final i.e. stereo mixdown gonna sound like ?

Thanks in advance
Best regards