How to pull up IPad Pro 11 Dock menu without Cubasis scrolling?

Hi there guys.
So I’ve noticed that with apps like Facebook, AppStore, Files App and other apps, you can just swipe up and the dock appears.
But in Cubasis you need to try multiple times before in comes up. if you swipe, most of the times the Media Bay would scroll, same while you are in time there an alternative way to bring it up without Cubasis Scrolling ?

Hi John1289,

The behaviour is fully intended and follows the behaviour of other apps such as GarageBand etc.

  • performing a first short swipe results in a darkened Home Indicator
  • performing another, second swipe results in the action (go to home screen).

Once known and tested out, it should be a no-brainer.
Please let me have your feedback.


Thanks for the reply Lars.
I just gave it a quick test.
If I try to do it fast, the media bay scrolls up .
If I do it twice, the iPad goes back to home page.
Here is the video.
If your team could do something about it, that would be cool.if not, still a great app😊

Hi John1289,

Thanks for the short clip!

Maybe my description was a bit misleading:

  • The first tap or swipe “activates” the Home Indicator
  • Then, please tap and swipe to the top of the screen

Hope that works.
If not, I will create a short clip for you…