How to Punch Record with Cubasis

Punching In with Cubasis

I’ve read some threads expressing dissatisfaction with or confusion about how to punch record with Cubasis. The manual does not describe how to do this in detail, so I’m gonna do so, in hope it saves others time/frustration.

I’m Cubasis 3 on Android 13, but I’d guess it’s similar for other versions as well. The procedure may seem inconvenient, but once I did it a few times to it turned out to be pretty efficient. Note that these instructions apply to audio tracks; midi tracks can be manipulated directly.

First, you need to erase the audio you’re planning to replace. If you don’t, recording over it will not overwrite it, and you’ll hear both the old and the new parts on playback. So:

  1. Isolate the part of the track you want to replace using the Left-Right indicators at the top. Place the playhead at the left indicator. Tap the audio event in the track to select it, and press the “Split” button. Repeat with the right indicator. If the part you want to replace is not currently selected, tap to select and press the “Erase” button to delete it.

  2. Press the metronome button to bring up the punch menu, and then press the “punch In”, “Punch Out”, and “Pre-Roll” buttons. Also choose how many bars of precount you want to hear before the punch starts.

  3. Position the playhead anywhere to the left of the “L” indicator, and press the record button. Depending on where you put the playhead, you’ll hear at least the number of measures selected in the precount along with the metronome.

  4. Record your punch.

  5. VERY IMPORTANT! When (not if) you don’t like your punch and want to re-record it, be sure to erase the punch by tapping it to select, then hit erase. AND then go back into the punch menu and reactivate the “Punch In” and “Punch Out” buttons as needed. Failure to do so will result in your recording starting wherever the playhead happens to be, as I’ve relearned numerous times.

If anybody has a better way to punch with Cubasis, I’d be delighted to hear it. Comments and corrections welcome.


Hi Jon,
This topic was discussed 25 days ago. Unfortunately the same conclusion was reached for Cubasis3 on iOS, but as you have stated -

“ The procedure may seem inconvenient, but once I did it a few times to it turned out to be pretty efficient”

I have come to accept this procedure too, but you never know, Steinberg may update this feature one day so that the new recorded section will replace the old - just like Cubase.
Mike :beers:

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