How to purchase Wavelab 8 in Canada???

I want to get Wavelab – I need to make a DDP, so it looks like Wavelab Elements is no good to me.

The best option the Steinberb shop gives me is to upgrade from 8.0, but there’s no option to BUY an 8.0 version from scratch, only upgrades to 8.5.

When I click the greyed out option for the full Wavelab, it says 8.5 isn’t available in my country. What??

So if I AM “allowed” to upgrade from 8.0 to 8.5, then how do I BUY a version of 8.0??

Please help!!!

Hi yyzmike,

please contact your local distributor. They should have WaveLab 8 (with a free update to 8.5) in stock:

Yamaha Canada Music Ltd.
135 Milner Avenue
Toronto, ON M1S 3R1



Long and McQuade.