how to put a beats in cubase ai

When I try to put a beat in cubase ai 10.5 I sing inside the beat and it deletes the beat everytime I record and If I make a channel for the mic then it will record to both channels . How can I fix this and make the beat that I got from youtube not recording my voice when I press the record buttom. Thanks :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question really.

What kind of beat do you mean? Do you mean an Audio file (loop)? How do you “put” it to Cubase?

How do you record your singing then? To other track? What do you mean by “both channels”, please?

Its mp3 file!

I press the red buttom then it records

I make 2 channels one for is made when I put the beat and the other is the mono track but If I press record it records in both


Do you record to Cubase from other software. Or do you want to rerecord it from one track to other track?

You record to the track, where is Record Enabled (the red button is switched on).