how to put in a Pre-Bend

I can’t find a way to put in a pre bend the manual doesn ot really explain it and I can’t find a clip showing it. I’m running dorico 3.5 since yesterday. Thanks R

Input the target note, then activate the ‘Pre-bend interval’ property in the Properties panel. Let me know if you still have a problem figuring it out!

Yes, I can’t find the Pre-bend interval property in the Properties panel. Not in Write nor in Engrave mode.

It’s in the ‘Guitar Techniques’ section of the Properties panel. Type “pre” into the search box at the left-hand side of the Properties panel, and it’ll pop right up.

I just opened a new project to dblcheck, and here it it shows up, everyrything works a expected. Great:) For some odd reason
in this particular project(older) it does not appear in Guitar techniques. Cheers R

It might be that in your older project the instrument isn’t actually a “real” guitar? Try changing the instrument to be a real guitar – see here for the procedure.