How to put or remove high's and low's for the microphone

Hello to all ! :slight_smile: i am really new on this program i have recorded few songs which i am quite happy with effect’s i have put on my mic but i cannot find how i can put low’s or high’s on my mic like you do when you got a mixer .

on the effect’s you can put the EQ but i can’t find where i can put more low or remove some high freg on my mic

please advice it would be highly appreciate

thank you .

Cubase is an Amazing Sound Production Software …

  1. the Bass (or the Low like in the mixers)
  2. the Mid (also the Mid in the Mixers)
  3. the Treble (or the High like in the mixers)

up means up
downs means down :smiley:

hope to be helpful :slight_smile: