How to put same insert effect in multiple tracks

Hi folks,

I Have Cubase Elements 11, I want to apply the same insert effect to multiple tracks, and understand there was a simple way to do this in previous versions (shift +alt…?) but for some reason I can’t get it to work in this versions… I have tried it on midi as well to set up a Gm drum map but can’t get it to work on multiple midi tracks.

Any help gratefully appreciated.
Many thanks.


Do so in the MixConsole window. I’m not with Cubase right now, but I believe the modifiers are Alt+Shift. The Q-Link becomes enabled (temporarily), once you press the right modifiers.

You cannot do the same with the Drum Map selection. It doesn’t work for this area.

Thank you very much.


Now I can confirm, it’s Alt + Shift and it also works in the Project window. Btw, both tracks have to be selected, of course.

Thanks Martin, works fine here, though won’t work if I drag the effect from the right side Media browser, has to be loaded from the insert slot itself.
Ahhh well another problem solved, until I forget it again.